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If you are new to us, please be sure to bring your last years tax return. We will need to go over the names, address, social security numbers, and your government issued ID to start. A drivers license or state ID is now required to electronically file your tax return. If you are self employed or have a business tax return that needs to be completed, please see our section on business tax returns. For trusts, estates, and final tax returns we will still need all of the normal stuff that the individual does or would have required to file a normal tax return.


Start by setting up your appointment. We fill up quickly so donít wait. Consider when you will finish collecting all of your paperwork for your previous year. W-2s and 1099s should be provided to you by the end of January. Most other paper work will trickle in starting at the end of January. Individuals who own stocks, bonds, and extensive savings often have to wait until March to receive all of the their tax statements related to their investments.


You should be collecting your business expenses as you go through out the year. Listing out every expense that qualifies as a deduction would mostly just clutter this web page. Donít be afraid to contact us, if you have more specific questions. If you really need us to, we can add up a mountain of receipts. This is the modern age and there are many alternatives that will make your life easier. If you have a large company you may be better off investing in Quick books and learning to use It. For even larger companies you may want to talk about what it would cost you for our company to do payroll and quarterly financial statements.

Starting out

Talk to us about setting up a business and a business checking account. We are more than happy to guide you through the process. If you are responsible and do things right you can run everything through a business checking account. If you blow off everything else, it will be way easier to go through a bunch of excel downloads than crates of receipts. In the unlikely case that the IRS investigates your company further, it helps to have clean and decisive evidence exactly matching what you claimed. Having multiple accounts or no account can confuse the situation.Also, It is harder to track income and expenses that go back and forth through personal and business accounts.

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