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Individuals and Basic Tax Appointments:

If you're new to us, please be sure to bring your last years tax returns. We will need to go over the names, address, social security numbers, and your government issued ID. A drivers license or state ID is required to electronically file your tax return. Setup your appointment early. We fill up quickly and begin taking appointments in January. Consider when you will finish collecting all of your paperwork. W-2s and 1099s should be provided to you by the end of January. Most other paper work will trickle in starting in early February. Individuals who own stocks and bonds often have to wait until March to receive all of the their tax statements related to their investments. If you are self employed or have a business tax return that needs to be completed, please see our section on business tax returns. For trusts and estates the information we need is similar to that of an individual tax return.


Get in the habit of keeping track of everything. Downloading and grouping expenses from bank statements in excel, is straight forward enough. We can help you setup excel templates to keep track and get you more organized. For larger companies, you might want us to talk you through software solutions, such as Quickbooks. If you have more specific questions, let's go over it in detail. Unless we are doing something to help you, we aren't charging anything. There are many technological alternatives that can make your life easier.

We can provide payroll solutions, monthly or quarterly financial statements, sales tax, and other business related services. If this is something you are interested in please setup some time to go over it. We will need to dive into the complexity of your business, your filing requirements, the number of employees, and the locations that you do business.

Forming a Company:

There is a lot to go over, such as, what type of company should you organize as? Will you need licenses, payroll, sales tax, quarterly or monthly deposits? It also helps to know up front the kind of things you should be tracking. Setup some time to talk with someone who has been there for companies through the decades and knows what to expect, from the perspective of accounting and tax.